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Flame-retardant self-adhesive Class H silicone tape designed for use in the utility and energy sector where a high-quality solution is required and existing vinyl & PVC insulation tapes are not sufficient.
The tape will extinguish automatically within seconds when the flame source is removed. This prevents cables / objects from being seriously damaged by open fire. Also ideal for sealing connections on sprinkler systems.

Has a YELLOW longitudinal stripe for easy identification!

Has a high dielectric strength of at least:
- 8,5 kV per layer for 25mm wide roll
-  14 kV per layer for 50mm wide roll
-  16 kV per layer for 76mm wide roll

ResQ-tape Flame Retardant 25mmRT1210020GY-FR-RY
ean 8718591410734
ean 8718591410741

ean 87185914107358


ResQ tape Flame Retardant fuses within seconds to a water and airtight seal. The tape offers excellent arc & track resistance and is very suitable for use in extreme applications in electrical installations. Can also be used during very bad weather conditions. The tape never sticks to the surface and is always easy to remove .
 Insulates 8,5 kV per layer Never gets gummy or sticky Stretchable up to 200%

 Heat resistant up to 260°C
 Remains flexible Waterproof - Airtight

 Remains flexible till -65°C
 Permanent seal Can be applied under water
 UV-resistant Resists fuels, oil, acids, solvents, many chemicals and salt

ResQ tape Flame Retardant is very suitable for the following applications:
 * extra protective layer on 
   (power)cable jackets
 * as a seal on welding of high
    voltage cables
 * extra protective layer on butyl 
   cable jackets
 * waterproofing electrical 
 * can be applied on dirty and 
    oily surfaces
 * extra protective layer on rubber
   cable jackets 
 * for use under water * corrosion protection * extra protective layer on PVC

Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant

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