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SPITA ResQ tape H2-Detect is a passive color-changing self-adhesive silicone tape to detect hydrogen gas (H2) leaks in fuel cells, transmissions, storage and generation facilities. The tape sticks only to itself and can be applied on all types of connectors, fittings, valves, flanges and connections susceptible to vibration damage. Can be removed easily using a utility knife and will leave no residue.

ResQ-tape H2-Detect
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After applying ResQ-tape H2-Detect the layers will create within seconds a solid bond and will remain flexible under all circumstances.

geen lekkage
Upon contact with concentrated hydrogen gas, the color of the tape changes from gray to black in the event of a leak due to damage or seal / joint failure.

Depending on the severity, duration or location of the leak, the localized connection may be partially or gradually darkened. In the event of partial discoloration, contact your maintenance team for confirmation of a leak.
NO LEAK DETECTED                                                                                 LEAK DETECTED

By wrapping the tape over a system connection, the quality of the seal can be quickly checked. If the tape is discolored during a routine check, the connection can be immediately restored. This significantly increases the security of the system.

 Heat resistant up to 260°C Never gets gummy or sticky Stretchable up to 200%

 Remains flexible till -65°C
 Remains flexible Chemical resistant

 Works with commonly used
 detection tools
 Can be used on all metal
 Changes color within minutes
 of detection
 UV-resistant Resists fuels, acids, solvents and salt


ResQ-tape H2-Detect can be used on all hydrogen pipelines and other objects, where tape can be wrapped around itself.
 Fueling station
 Storage facilty
 Gas refinery
 Workshop / laboratory



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