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SPITA ResQ tape Perfect Grip is silicone tape with a special profile of ribbons. Easy to use to improve the grip on all kinds of tools, sports attributes, banisters, swimming pool stairs, etc.
ResQ-tape Perfect Grip blauw
ean 8718591411243
ResQ-tape Perfect Grip zwart
ean 8718591411267
ResQ-tape Perfect Grip transparant
ean 8718591411250
ResQ-tape Perfect Grip grijs
ean 8718591411281
ResQ-tape Perfect Grip rood
ean 8718591411304

ResQ-tape Perfect Grip wit
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Perfect Grip wrapping

ResQ tape Perfect Grip can be applied on all kind of materials. Thanks to the special silicone material, a much improved grip on handles of tools and sports attributes is created. The tape is UV and heat resistant and is therefore ideal for outdoor use on swimming pool steps and railings. The tape never sticks to the surface and is always easy to remove.

 Insulates 16 kV per layer Never gets gummy or sticky Stretchable up to 200%

 Heat resistant up to 260°C
 Remains flexible Meets UL-510 specification

 Remains flexible till -65°C
 Weather resistant Can be applied under water
 UV-resistant Resists fuels, oil, acids, solvents and salt

ResQ tape Perfect Grip is very suitable for the following applications:
 * improving grip on all kind of
   tools & handles
 * improves grip on metal
   banisters of staircases
 * can be applied on other
   tapes / materials
 * improves safety on working
   with electrical tools 
 * works on wet, dirty and oily
 * improved grip on railings
   during bad weather conditions
 * works under water * improves grip on levers * extra grip on steps of boat- /
   pool stairs

Perfect Grip

Perfect Grip

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