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This moldable product is made from a silicone rubber compound that incorporates a special component.
The product remains flexible and moldable at temperatures up to 110°C.
In terms of processing, it can be compared with modeling clay.

O-ring gemaakt van PuttyOnce the desired model has been created, the material can be heated with a heat gun / paint burner or in an oven.

WARNING: DON'T use an open flame!!

When the product is exposed to a temperature exceeding 130°C, the built-in special component will react to the heat and the silicone rubber will cure to a solid flexible material.

   O-ring made from Putty

While curing the dimensions of the created object will NOT change.

The material is resistant to all fuels, oil and many chemicals,
making it an excellent replacement for defective O-rings in
vehicles, engines and machines.

Once completely cured and cooled down the material will retain it's final shape / dimension indefinitely.

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